Caretaker Services

Do you need a caretaker to look after your property or office? If so, then you should try out our caretaker services.

Anthony Paul Maintenance Ltd employs the very best caretakers around. We’re qualified to perform a variety of duties around your property to ensure it stays unharmed and in excellent shape. You cannot risk spending weeks or months away from your property without a professional person watching over it. Otherwise, you’ll have to worry about burglaries, grass overgrowth, cleanliness, repairs, post, weather, and several other things that pose harm to your property.

Our caretaking services are available to everyone in the town of Maidenhead and all throughout Berkshire county. The common caretaking duties that our caretakers will perform regularly include the following:

  • Security around the perimeter of the property. We can keep your alarms activated and watch your CCTV systems for intruders. If there happens to be a trespasser on your property, we’ll notify the police immediately.Aside from that, we’ll always make sure the windows and doors are locked.
  • All the general landscaping duties of your property will be covered by us. We’ll mow lawns, trim hedges, and pick up debris and rubbish off the ground.
  • Cleaning is a big part of a caretaker’s duties. Our caretakers wash dishes, dust tables and shelves, vacuum carpets, mop floors, take out the rubbish, wash windows, and all other cleaning duties you would expect.
  • Sometimes the duties of a caretaker involve handywork. Our caretakers double as handymen, which means they can repair common problems around your home. We can make repairs to plumbing, lighting, roofing, flooring, ceiling, and other areas that need touch-ups or minor fixes.

This is just a sample of the caretaking services offered by Anthony Paul Maintenance Ltd. If you’d like to find out more information, please give us a call at our number 01628 540008. We’ll provide a free price quote based on the work you need.