Fire alarm Testing & Compliance

The British government has laws in place regarding fire risk assessments and safety for commercial establishments. British Standard BS 5839-1 advises that regular testing be done on the fire alarm systems of non-domestic buildings. This is to ensure that the people of the building are safe and will be properly warned if a fire does break out. Any business which fails to comply with this standard will face penalties under the law.

Anthony Paul Maintenance Ltd has performed tests on fire alarm systems in commercial buildings for over 10 years now. We know the proper testing procedure and safety protocol necessary to verify whether your fire alarms are in top working order. We will activate a manual call point in your fire alarm system to assess its efficiency and audibility. Once we’re done with the fire alarm testing, we’ll record the results in a special logbook which you can keep on the site. This is your proof that you complied with British Standard BS 5839-1.

We offer our fire alarm testing services to all commercial establishments in Maidenhead, Berkshire. You’re supposed to have fire alarm testing done every week to remain in compliance with the standard. If you allow Anthony Paul Maintenance Ltd to be your designated fire alarm testing provider, we will have a professional tester come to your property on a weekly basis to perform these required fire alarm tests.

Sometimes you may need additional services associated with your fire alarm tests. For instance, you may need to conduct tests on your smoke alarms, emergency sprinkler system, emergency lighting, ventilation system, fire extinguishers, and so on. If any of these areas are no longer functional or in compliance with the law, then our experts will perform the necessary maintenance on them to ensure they’re compliant. This could mean replacing emergency lights or fire extinguishers that are expired or no longer functional.

If you have tenants or customers in your commercial property, we’ll do everything we can to minimize any disruption they may experience from the fire alarm testing. In fact, everyone in the building will be warned right before the tests take place. That way, no one panics and assumes there is a real fire.

Contact our team at 01628 540008 and schedule your building’s weekly fire alarm tests with us.