Planned Preventative Maintenance Reading

If you are running a company and operate a space with different kinds of machinery and equipment, along with employees who operate those different machinery and equipment, then ensuring preventative maintenance is absolutely imperative, not just a choice or a privilege. It is so due to the sensitive nature of machine hazards at work and the potential harm that can be caused by them to the humans working with machines. So if you’re thinking of skipping or delaying your planned preventative maintenance, you might want to think again. If you’re a resident of Reading, you’re in luck, since AP Maintenance Ltd. is one of the best in town for preventative maintenance services.

What Does Planned Preventative Maintenance Include?

A number of components make up to complete the process of planned preventative maintenance. We’ve laid down a simple breakdown that is easy to understand and informative at the same time regarding those different components that are the process of preventative maintenance.

L8 And Water Testing

This component of planned preventative maintenance takes into account a very essential element. It ensures control of legionella bacteria in water. Legionella bacteria can very easily contaminate the water and prove as a health risk to people. Timely checking for whether it has grown and successfully removing it if it has is a necessary task that is reinforced by the law as well. As it may cause a fatal disease in humans working nearby, it is understandable why this matter is so important.

There are also other important water testing services that AP Maintenance Ltd. offers for the satisfaction of their customers, which include:

  • Borehole water tests
  • Water bacterial counts (TVC)
  • Drinking water tests Water metal tests
  • Shower head disinfection & descaling
  • Monthly temperature monitoring
  • Water tank Chlorination.
  • Water tank disinfection


Fire Alarm Testing And Emergency Light Testing

Fire alarms and emergency lights are both highly depended on devices by any workplace as they are both needed for in times of crisis. If these devices fail in times of crisis that could call for disastrous effects in an already bad situation, effects that can even prove fatal in extreme cases. That is the reason that these devices are specially required and focused on for routinely preventative maintenance.

At Your Service For All Your Preventative Maintenance Needs In Reading

AP Maintenance Ltd. specialises in these as well as other planned preventative maintenance services, as they have been doing that for quite some time now and have a historical record of upholding the utmost satisfaction of their customers of Reading. If you didn’t know there is an issue with the maintenance of your devices and equipment, then they will find it for you and prevent it from causing any further damage or permanent damage before it gets to that point. Which is why it is highly recommended to get preventative maintenance services done on a routine basis so you can avoid bigger losses in the future by being preventative and having the foresight to get it checked.