Legionnaire Testing

In the UK, there is a common problem with legionella bacteria in properties, especially large buildings which have air conditioning units. The bacteria exist as a watery mist which spreads through the air. Unfortunately, the filters of air conditioners are not able to block out the bacteria. That means it can spread to everyone inside of the building through the ventilation system.

If someone inhales legionella bacteria into their body, then they’ll have an increased chance of developing Legionnaires’ disease. The common symptoms associated with the disease are coughing, fever, muscle pains, headache, and pneumonia. These symptoms should not be taken lightly, so it is advised that you seek medical care immediately. The disease is treatable, but it can come back if you don’t eliminate the bacteria from your property.

The good news is the disease is not contagious, so you won’t ever get the disease from someone else who has it. However, it is very easy to get the disease if you’re around the mist which contains the legionella bacteria. That is why you need to have your property tested for traces of legionella bacteria. Even if there is a small amount on your property, it can spread quickly if nothing is done about it.

Legionnaire Testing

Let our experts at Anthony Paul Maintenance Ltd be your designated Legionnaire testers. We have the proper equipment and labs to test your water system for legionella bacteria. We’ll start by taking a sample of your water and testing it for the bacteria. If it turns out the bacteria exists in the water, we’ll proceed to eliminate the bacteria by flushing out your water system and cleaning and disinfecting the pipes, showerheads, taps, and water system units.

If your outdoor air conditioning unit is near a swimming pool, sprinklers, or any other watery areas, then we may recommend that you have us move your air conditioning unit away from those areas. This might be the only way to prevent the watery mist from getting into the unit and circulating throughout your home.

We know that all this may sound scary, but it’s a lot simpler to solve than you think. All you need to do is call us at the number 01628 540008, and we’ll take care of the Legionnaire testing and preventive maintenance for you.