Planned Preventative Maintenance Maidenhead

Isn’t it better to spend a small amount on maintaining the buildings and other assets like machines, rather than to spend large amounts on the reactive care of these assets?


We, at Anthony Paul Ltd., provide our clients with Planned Preventative Maintenance in Maidenhead. PPM is basically a type of maintenance that is performed regularly or more often than occasionally, on an asset or a building in order to lessen the chances or the probability of it failing. This type of maintenance is performed on the assets while they are operational and functioning, not when they break down or the company stops using them.

Many industries still go with the notion ‘If it has not broken yet, there is no need to fix it’, but believe us, it is way better to get it fixed as the downtime costs are increasing, and companies and organizations cannot afford to spend so much.

We, at Anthony Paul Ltd., can provide you with maintenance services, for your buildings or other assets, which includes electrical, mechanical and plumbing services.

We have trained professionals in our team, who hold expertise in efficient and effective engineering, which is a building block for highly functioning and good quality buildings and their environments. We know that efficient engineering is the base on which the development and maintenance of a high-quality building lies. We believe in effective and sustainable engineering practices in order to provide our clients with exactly what they need.



By getting Planned Preventative Maintenance from us, we make sure that the maintenance provided by us to our clients is on point. We make sure that due to our preventative maintenance, the asset works smoothly and functions without errors, which also directly reduces the cost of replacing that asset or getting it fixed later on when it has broken down.


Through Planned Preventative Maintenance, we make sure that all your assets, including buildings and machinery is in the best condition possible. This promotes safety and a sense of security.


Our priority at Anthony Paul Ltd. is to provide the clients at Maidenhead with PPM services in order to increase the productivity life of their assets. By keeping a check on the asset and ensuring that it works smoothly for a long time, this eliminates the risk of replacing the asset any time soon.


Our first and foremost priority is to provide our customers in Maidenhead with utmost satisfaction when it comes to our services. We understand that the services we provide are very technical and no amount of error is an option when it comes to providing Planned Preventative Maintenance services as even the tiniest negligence can cost a lot. We aim to listen to our customers, understand what they want and work towards ensuring that we give it to them.

We make sure that Anthony Paul Ltd. practices transparency and provides the best services to its clients.