Carpenters are experts of building and repairing things made from wood. These could be wooden structures, furniture, shelves, rafters, cabinets, drywall, siding, dressers, door frames, beds, stairways, building frameworks, and the list goes on.

Do you need a carpenter in Maidenhead or anywhere else in Berkshire? If so, then you’ll be very pleased with the carpenters of Anthony Paul Maintenance Ltd. We have the most skilled carpenters in the entire UK. Our carpenters have dedicated their lives to carpentry, which many of them consider an artisan craft. This means that they can build or repair just about anything out of wood that your heart desires.

Are you interested in replacing your kitchen cabinets with newly customised kitchen cabinets? Perhaps you’re thinking about replacing your existing flooring with hardwood flooring? Whatever the case is, we have the right carpenters for the job. They can work on any wood project you want.

Here is a small list of carpentry duties we can perform for you in Berkshire:

  • Inspections of existing wooden structures, fixtures, frameworks, and other objects. If any damage is detected, the object can be repaired or replaced.
  • We can conduct the proper measurements of the wood and other corresponding materials for the structures being built, repaired, or replaced. Once the measurements are done, cutting and shaping the material will follow.
  • We can collaborate with other contractors and architects by reviewing their blueprints and meeting the necessary plans for the building. This would pertain to the construction of the siding, internal framework, and drywall of the building.
  • We can install wooden fixtures and structures, including cabinets, doorframes, moulding, windowsills, dressers, and so on.

The carpenters of Anthony Paul Maintenance Ltd are experts with all sorts of equipment, materials, and tools. They can work with levels, squares, chisels, sanders, nail guns, circular saws, welding machines, adhesives, tape measures, staples, screws, nails, scaffoldings, plastic, drywall, and fibreglass. It all depends on what your specific project calls for.

If you’d like to receive a free estimate on how much your carpentry project will cost, please call our number at 01628 540008. We can send a carpenter over to evaluate your property and see what can be done from there.